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Clients who wish to individually design their prancing horse with the guidance of a highly qualified Ferrari Sales Specialist can do so in Italy’s finest Atelier, Maranello the home of Ferrari. It is an exquisite opportunity where clients can experience and feel the exclusive fabrics, leathers, paint colours and accessories that will be used in their very own Ferrari. The Atelier Ferrari is a special, sophisticated, and truly exclusive studio space, however what happens when a client can’t reach Maranello, or the showroom?


Our Testa Rossa award winning sales executive Rob Cole, from Jardine Colchester Ferrari adapted the process so that our client could create their 812 Competizione in the Atelier lounge remotely, without losing any distinguishing personal touches! This was an outstanding display of trust in our Jardine Colchester Ferrari family, and truly signifies the strong relationships we have nurtured with our clients. On this occasion, the client specifically asked to work with Rob, as he wanted his valuable and dependable insight on his design decisions.


Together, Rob and the client embarked on a truly unique design journey with where they collaborated to bring this very special prancing horse to life. The client had some particular ideas, as he wished to imitate the specification of his LaFerrari as closely as possible, but also incorporate some individual touches which with Rob’s expert guidance, they accomplished.


Every tiny detail was considered throughout the experience. The Argento Nurburgring (Silver) livery was added to compliment the Bianco Fuji exterior veil and the exciting expanses of visible carbon. Dark Grey wheels were chosen specifically to flatter the Charcoal Alcantara interior. To pay homage to the clients LaFerrari, red detailing was added both externally and internally, with red Brake Callipers, Seat Piping, Stitching and the iconic Tyre script.


Such was the level of trust in Rob, the client refrained from asking for pictures of his prancing horse and patiently waited for the moment of reveal when he was able to visit the showroom. Our client was delighted with how his specification had come to life, and with the distinct, little touches that Rob, and the team had exclusively created for this unique 812 Competizione.


To further enhance the handover experience, Rob and the Jardine Colchester Ferrari family took the time and care to position our client’s new 812 Competizione next to his LaFerrari in the showroom. A thoughtful, and very personal touch that made this a particularly exquisite and emotive handover experience.


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