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Jardine Ferrari would like to introduce one of the newest members of the family, Josie Doyle-Linden. Josie came into the Jardine Ferrari fold in January 2022 and has gone from strength to strength, becoming an integral cog in the Jardine Ferrari events engine. As she’s soon to celebrate her 1-year work anniversary, we wanted to take this opportunity to shine the spotlight on Josie and talk about her fascinating career journey so far.

At a young age, Josie made a courageous decision; she followed her heart and left college to pursue a full-time career in Hospitality. This was clearly the right step as she quickly gained her first Assistant Manager role and achieved a level 3 qualification in Hospitality, Silver Service, Leadership and Management. At the age of just 22, Josie was responsible for opening the newest site for the Saint Arnold group, an exclusive Mediterranean restaurant. Josie’s career was flying but she had ambitions to see the world, so she took a well-deserved break to pursue a once in a lifetime travel trip visiting Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and America. On her return, Josie was quickly offered an incredible role within the Saint Arnold Group as Operations Manager, with responsibilities stretching over four sites and managing over 100 people.

Josie’s passion for customer experience and journeys, combined with her tenacious spirit and eagerness to always go the extra mile resulted in her seeking out a new challenge. She was determined to expand her experience in customer service and aimed to locate a role that combined her love for people, luxury experiences, and event management. Through her fortitude to find the perfect role, Josie discovered Jardine Ferrari and in 2022, she embarked on a new career chapter as Experience Manager. Josie said “So far, the event I’m most proud of is the Women in Ferrari experience, which we hosted in May 2022. This was our first ever exclusively female Ferrari drive; it was amazing to meet so many inspirational and interesting women who all shared the same love of the iconic prancing horses. I’m very passionate about championing women in the world of Ferrari and look forward to hosting more events like this in 2023.”

Jardine Ferrari are happy to have Josie as part of the family and we know that she has some fantastic customer experiences already prepared for 2023.

An exclusive Silverstone F1 event which will centre around Women of Ferrari, Showroom convoys, a Ferrari Challenge Series and many more exciting and exclusive events will be taking place in 2023. If you’re interested in hearing more about the Jardine Ferrari customer events and experiences, please feel welcome to contact Josie directly: